Why Authenticity is the Social Media Trend of 2024

I was asked recently for a podcast interview about what I thought would be an important trend for social media in 2024 and my answer was authenticity. Marketing and social media evolved rapidly in 2023, especially with the rise of AI. And… whether you like it or not AI is here to stay. But it is changing social media. It’s no longer easy to tell if photos are real or not, and with any new tool there are always going to be people who abuse it. You only have to look at last week’s news about the disgusting photos AI generated of Taylor Swift, to see just how problematic AI could become. I hope in time we will see stricter legislation about its use, but for now, it adds an extra twist to marketing on social media.

With my experience of working as a blogger and content creator, I am already seeing contracts with strict no AI clauses in them. But what does that mean for businesses on social media?

Authenticity on Social Media

My belief is users are going to be looking more and more for authenticity. People they know they can trust, believe in and can do exactly what they say they can do. They are going to want to get to know you as the business owner and build a connection with you – something I have always been passionate about during my training sessions. To do this, I think we are going to see an evolution of less glossy content, more behind-the-scenes and more talking-to-camera videos.

Showing up on Social Media

I know it’s hard and that some business owners are not fans, but showing up on social media is a great way to build trust with your audience and client base. This means content with you in it. Both photos and videos. Show up and be present and connect with your customers. Learn from them and talk to them. You don’t have to do silly videos with dancing, even simple content with you working at your laptop, packing an order or meeting with a client all adds to building your profile. Showing who you are and that you are trustworthy.

11 Tips for Demonstrating Authenticity on Social Media

Want to build your authenticity on social media, but are not sure how? Here are ten ways you can start doing it right now.

  1. Talking to camera reels and stories
  2. Behind-the-scenes videos
  3. Content that shows your skills and abilities
  4. Be honest when you it wrong and respond to feedback
  5. Share your story and journey
  6. Ditch the filters (I hate them anyway)
  7. Tell people how you are learning and evolving. Engage with them.
  8. Define your brand values and stick to them
  9. Share reviews, testimonials and user-generated content
  10. Chat to people in your stories – it’s a amazing way to grow relationships
  11. Collaborate with people in your niche

As always real people, real connection, and genuine passion and skill is the way forward. With a busier and more saturated social media space, we need to be showing who we are and why we are experts in what we do in a transparent and honest way.

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