Join the Marketing with Confidence Membership

Would you like a helping hand with your marketing? A community that can support you and help you and your business grow?

Marketing can sometimes feel overwhelming, especially when you’re going it alone. Or perhaps don’t have a marketing background, but you know you have an amazing product, business or service you just need a bit of a helping hand to get it out there. This is where the Marketing with Confidence Community comes in. An inspiring community of like-minded peers to support you, that want you to get it right and to help you grow.




Think of it as a Marketing Manager in your pocket

Imagine if you can

  • Feel supported to grow your business
  • Get access to monthly masterclasses and access to all masterclasses via a training portal
  • Have access to Laura on a regular basis to ask your marketing questions and get direction on where you should be investing your time
  • Have a place where you can ask for constructive feedback on your marketing to help you get it right

What’s Included?

  • Monthly Zoom masterclasses with myself or guests (all recorded so you can watch it back later if you need to)
  • A supportive community of like-minded business owners
  • A place where you can share marketing collateral and content for supportive and constructive feedback
  • Monthly ‘How-To’ videos for reels – want to know how to make a reel or create an effect? Put your question on a thread and Laura will create a video showing you how to do it
  • Quarterly strategy calls – set your goals each quarter
  • A place where you can ask Laura your questions & ask for guidance
  • Add yourself to the Marketing with Confidence Small Business Directory to get your name out there and work with other members of your community


Launched in September, this is a thriving community of small business owners who want to support each other and see each other succeed.


  • £30 per month, locked in forever
  • No matter what I put up the price to in the future, your price will remain locked in at £30 per month

“Already the content and information from Laura & her Facebook group has been so good, tangible and impactful.”

Sarah, Small Business Owner